Office Hours

Faculty Office Hours:

Faculty office hours
Baptist, Edward tba; by appointment 433 McGraw Hall
Bassi, Ernesto Thursday: 9:30-11:30; by appointment 323 McGraw Hall
Byfield, Judith Tuesday: 2:00-5:00; by appointment 320 McGraw Hall
Chang, Derek Tuesday: 1:00-2:00 in McGraw; Wednesday: 2:00-3:00 in 423 Rockefeller Hall 454 McGraw Hall
Chen Zhihong SP Leave 327 McGraw Hall
Craib, Raymond SP Leave; by appointment 305 McGraw Hall
Du, Mara Yue Monday: 11:40-1:40 in person or via Zoom (by appointment) 364 McGraw Hall
Falk, Oren tba; by appointment 340 McGraw Hall
Florea, Cristina Thursday: 12:00-1:30 in 308 AD White House 350 McGraw Hall
Friedland, Paul Wednesday: 11:00-12:00; ZOOM by appointment on Friday: 10:00-11:00 453 McGraw Hall
Garcia, Maria Cristina By appointment only, to sign up: 432 McGraw Hall
Ghosh, Durba AY Leave 321 McGraw Hall
Glickman, Lawrence Wednesday: 3:30-5:00; by appointment 307 McGraw Hall
Hinrichs, TJ SP Leave, by appointment (email) 452 McGraw Hall
Juni, Mayer Wednesday: 2:15-3:15; by appointment (email) 132 McGraw Hall
Kohler-Hausmann, Julilly   SP Leave; by appointment 318 McGraw Hall
Lawlor, Ruth Tuesday: 4:30-5:30; Thursday: 5:00-6:00; by appointment 303 McGraw Hall
Litvak, Olga Monday: 12:00-2:00; by appointment 436 McGraw Hall
Loos, Tamara By appointment 440 McGraw Hall
Minawi, Mostafa Tuesday: 11:30-1:30 in 130A Uris Hall 348 McGraw Hall
Mulder, Nicholas SP Leave; by appointment 121 McGraw Hall
Nunley, Tamika tba; by appointment 362 McGraw Hall
Parmenter, Jon By appointment 324 McGraw Hall
Rebillard, Eric See CLASS; by appointment 127 Goldwin Smith Hall  
Rickford, Russell SP Leave 322 McGraw Hall
Roebuck, Kristin Monday: 12:00-1:00; by appointment 455 McGraw Hall
Sachs, Aaron Tuesday: 11:45-12:45; or by appointment 325 McGraw Hall
Sandwell, Rachel Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00-3:30; or by appointment 306 McGraw Hall
Schmitt, Casey Monday: 2:00-4:00; by appointment 435 McGraw Hall
Strauss, Barry By appointment 344 McGraw Hall
Suarez, Camille SP Leave 304 McGraw Hall
Sun, Peidong Friday: 3:00-4:00; by appointment 309 McGraw Hall
Tagliacozzo, Eric Monday and Wednesday: 2:00-3:00 in 130A Uris Hall 346 McGraw Hall
Travers, T. Robert AY Leave 345 McGraw Hall
Tolan-Szkilnik, Paraska SP Leave 343 McGraw Hall
Verhoeven, Claudia AY Leave 301 McGraw Hall
Vider, Stephen AY Leave McGraw Hall
Weil, Rachel Wednesday: 10:15-11:00; by appointment via ZOOM 434 McGraw Hall

Visitors/Postdoctoral Fellows

Anbinder, Jacob By appointment (email)  
Hyman, Christy By appointment (email) 134 McGraw Hall
Modica, Justine By appointment (email) 140 McGraw Hall
Schwartz, Joshua By appointment (email) 363 McGraw Hall
Zhao, Wenrui By appointment (email) 363 McGraw Hall