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The Department of History is committed to pursuing excellence in historical scholarship and teaching across many different time periods and research interests. Its outstanding faculty specializes in a wide array of historical issues and themes that transcend particular regions and periods. Courses connect undergraduate and graduate students with the excitement of historic discovery and provide a rigorous training in researching and analyzing the human past.

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Attention Undergraduates:

Join us for our Undergraduate Lunch with Faculty this semester:

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Are you interested in becoming a history major? You can now apply online, after securing your own major advisor.  For more information: history-major-application-information. Paper Applications are available in McGraw Hall, fourth floor.

Important notices:

Codes for pre-1800 and World Areas courses are included with the course descriptions in the Class Roster and Courses of Study.

  • Pre-1800 is coded as HPE
  • World Areas are coded as HAN, HNA, HEU, HGS, HTR.

To search for courses under specific Major Requirement Codes, go to Courses of Study and enter the code in Search.

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