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The Department of History is committed to pursuing excellence in historical scholarship and teaching across many different time periods and research interests. Its outstanding faculty specializes in a wide array of historical issues and themes that transcend particular regions and periods. Courses connect undergraduate and graduate students with the excitement of historical discovery and provide a rigorous training in researching and analyzing the human past.

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Attention Undergraduates:

Are you interested in becoming a history major? You can now apply online, after securing your own major advisor via email.  For more information: history-major-application-information


All pre-1800 and non-US/World Areas courses are now included with the course descriptions in the Class Roster and Courses of Study.

Pre-1800 is coded as HPE

Non-US is coded as HNU or World Areas are now coded as HAN, HNA, HEU, HGS, HTR.

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Graduate History Colloquium Series - Fall 2020

The graduate history colloquium, is now offered as a 1 credit course (Hist 6006).  The Fall 2020 colloquium series will meet on Tuesdays, 12:15-1:30pm.  We will send out the Zoom link the week before each session. Everyone (even people not affiliated with the Cornell community) is welcome to join us. If they want to receive the pre-circulated paper and Zoom link, they should email

Sept. 29Du Fei, “Fatima’s Inheritance: Three Itineraries of Law Between Early Modern Aceh, India, and France”

 Oct. 6Nate Boling, “TempsTerrain, and Élan Vital: Medicine and the Making of the Individual in Interwar France”

 Oct. 20Arnaud Chaniac (invited speaker from the University of Montreal), “A Story of Maple Leaves, Rifles and Typewriters: The Marlowe Lowdown, a Canadian Chronicle of World War II”

 Nov. 3Nick Myers, “The Rifles: Land, Labor, and Political Dissidence in the Valley of Tomochic”

 Nov. 10Benedetta Carnaghi, “Becoming Traitors: Disillusion, Threats, and Moral Crises in World War II”

 Nov. 24Sebastian Diaz, “Lobbying for Real-Time Mappings: Cartographic Ideologies and Surveillance Technologies for Counterinsurgency Operations in the Third World during the 1960’s”

 Dec. 1Marcos Perez Canizares, “A Tale of Two Oceans: Towards a Trans-Oceanic Spanish America”

 Dec. 8Spencer Beswick, “Smashing Whiteness: Race, Class, and Punk Culture in the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, 1989-1998”

 Dec. 15Nate Norris, “Projecting Settler Landscapes in Rapa Nui and Beyond: Island-Hopping Chilean Bureaucrats in the Early Twentieth Century”