Grad student photo

The Department of History Graduate Program leads students to many opportunities.  

In February 2019, the Department wrote graduate student, Benedetta Luciana Sara Carnaghi, who was conducting archival research in Vienna, and asked her some questions about her graduate student experience at Cornell.  Her full responses are below.  They are set up in a Question and Answer style so that readers may look for items of interest to them.  

For those interested in graduate work in history, Benedetta’ s enthusiasm for both Cornell History and the field shine through each of her responses.  Benedetta provides insight into her process of selecting a graduate program and Ph.D. focus with rich and pertinent detail.

This thoughtful Question and Answer piece will be helpful to students and individuals digging deep into history. Benedetta's enthusiasm for life will not be lost on the reader as she lives an exhilarating journey as a twenty-first-century female historian in the making.

Read the Q and A with Benedetta.