History Major Transfer Credit

Procedure for Requesting Transfer Credit for the History Major

  1. History Majors may only petition for a total of TWO to THREE courses outside of the department of History for transfer credit petition.
    • Students may request up to two transfer credits if studying abraod for one semester, or transferring to cornell from another institution as a sophomore. students may request up to three transfer credits if studying abroad for a full year, or transferring to cornell from another institiution as a junior.  Additionally, students may request up to three transfer credits if they are both a transfer student and also sutdied abroad for a semester.

Required Documents

  1. Compile a folder for each course for which you are requesting credit. Please include:
    • The History Department's Transfer Credit Form
    • The College or Cornell Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form requiring the Director of Undergraduate Studies signature.
    • A transcript or grade sheet highlighting the course for which you are requesting credit
    • The syllabus for each course. This is ESSENTIAL!  If the instructor distributed only a bibliography, compose a brief (2-3 sentence) description of the course structure, requirements, and grading.
    • Include one written assignment. If the instructor did not return the work, or if oral exams comprised a significant portion of the grade, include a brief description (2-3 sentences) of the work you completed, but are unable to include in the folder.

Submitting your Transfer Credit Application

  1. Please turn in your Transfer Credit Form(s) and ALL supporting materials to Judy Yonkin, 450 McGraw Hall.
    • printable jpeg of the application for printing
    • webform
      • if submitting via the webform please be sure to include all supporting documents (incomplete applications will be returned for completion)
    • Transfer Credit Forms are also available in McGraw Hall, fourth floor