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Funding for Undergraduate Research

Call for Applications

The History Department has a limited amount of funding to assist undergraduates in pursuing historically oriented research.  Students may request funding to cover travel to archives, visits to libraries or museums, or photocopying, etc.  Any student conducting research, whether for a seminar paper or a senior thesis project, is eligible to apply.  Preference will be given to those enrolled in History’s Honors Program and writing a thesis.  Awards are generally in the range of $300-$500, but can be up to $1,000 for a strong proposal.

The application deadline for fall or spring is by the fourth week of each semester (a paper application is available in 450 McGraw Hall at the begining of each semester).  Students should submit the following materials to Judy Yonkin (450 McGraw Hall) by the current semester's deadline.

  • A brief (one page) statement explaining your project and research plan
  • A tentative budget
  • Completed Application
  • A BRIEF email of support from your advisor or project supervisor (sent directly to history_dus@cornell.edu)

Evaluation and acceptance of each proposal will be based on the feasibility and demonstrated practicality of the proposed research; the necessity of requested research to the proposed project; and the project’s analytical depth.  Award amounts are determined by the budget submitted and number of requests made.  Additional funds are available for research proposals on topics in U.S. Political History.

Cornell University identification number.
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year of Honors or semester and year of Independent Study
Proposed Thesis Title or Subject of Independent Study
list the name of your project supervisor
please enter dollar amount being requested
Enter budget details about your research, reasons for trip (or fees), and anything pertaining to this funding request.
Please add a brief (one page) statement explaining your project and research plan.
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