Educational Goals for History Major

Educational Learning Goals Statement

Majors in History are exposed to the broad range of human experiences as found in times past and in different societies around the globe.  Through lectures and seminars, we introduce students to historical scholarship as an interpretive endeavor  that involves the use of different social scientific and humanistic methodologies. 

The Department's faculty encourages all students enrolled in history courses to master at least two of the five learning goals articulated below. Students majoring in history are expected to achieve competency in all five learning goals as they move through the curriculum.


Five Learning Goals

Learning Goals of the History Major:

1) Sufficient grounding in the historical knowledge produced about particular peoples, places, and times to understand those phenomena from a comparative perspective.

2) The use and analysis of primary sources.

3) The ability to pose original research questions in written and oral form.

4) The ability to engage in historiographical analysis, or the assessment of different interpretations of past events.

5) The ability to construct and substantiate an argument in written and oral form.