Xinyang Li

Graduate Student


My research focuses on gender history, history of the body, history of medicine, and intellectual history in late imperial China. I am specifically interested in women's virtues, and the interaction between people's practice and related discourses, aiming to understand the changing gender relations and gender order.

ADVISOR : TJ Hinrichs

Research Focus


My previous research includes the long-lasting academic controversy of the faithful maiden cult in late imperial China; how the bureaucratic system of praising chaste and filial women designed, worked, and developed in Ming, China; female historians and their historical works in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, etc.

Currently, I am working on an extreme action of self-destruction practiced by a filial son/daughter in imperial China, gegu (flesh-slicing), which was believed to have magical curative effects on his/her parent's illness.



Late Imperial China

Gender History

History of Medicine

History of the Body

Intellectual History