HIST 4950 Gender, Power, and Authority in England, 1600-1800

HIST 4950 Gender, Power, and Authority in England, 1600-1800 (also FGSS 4950) (HB) (CA-AS, HST-AS) (HPE,HNU)

Monday: 2:40-4:35

Professor Rachel Weil

It is a truism that early modern society was a 'patriarchal' one in which men had authority -- but how did that authority operate and what were its limits?  How did the exercise of power between men and women intersect with religious, literary, legal and political institutions?  We will approach these questions chronologically, examining the impact of the Reformation, the English Revolution, the Enlightenment, the rise of middle class and polite culture.  We will also explore them methodologically and generically, with an eye to how different kinds of evidence and sources can produce different kinds of conclusions.  Historians' hypotheses will be tested by analysis of primary sources.


Portrait:  Painting of Elizabeth I of England, also known as the Ermine Portrait. Elizabeth is wearing a richly decorated black dress and The Three Brothers jewel.  The photograph of this artwork was taken in the UK. The Hatfield House, which created the photograph, believes that the photograph is considered to be in copyright in the UK, and respectfully asks that they be given credit for the photograph when used.  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elizabeth1England.jpg


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