HIST 4761 Albion: Post-Roman, Pre-Norman

HIST 4761 Albion: Post-Roman, Pre-Norman (also MEDVL 4761) (HB)(ALC-AS, HST-AS)(HPE, HEU)

Thursday: 12:20-2:00 plus Independent Research

Professor Oren Falk

The people who invaded the isle of Britain after the withdrawal of Roman government in the early fifth century, and who dominated it until the establishment of Norman rule in the late eleventh century, are responsible for some of the best-known and most enduring legacies of the Middle Ages: Beowulf and Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, the archbishoprics of Canterbury and York, Alfred the Great and Æthelred the Unready. This course examines the Anglo-Saxons in their early-medieval context, focusing especially on the cooperation between history and its sister disciplines – archaeology, literary criticism, and others – that is so vital for shedding light on this distant, opaque era.

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