HIST 4346 Revolts Against the Roman Empire

HIST 4346 Revolts Against the Roman Empire (also CLASS 4346, JWST 4346, NES 4346) (GHB)(GLC-AS, HST-AS)(HPE, HEU)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:55-4:10 plus Independent Research

Professor Barry Strauss

This class will study an important example of resistance, that is, several armed revolts against Imperial Rome during the first two centuries of our era. Africa, Asia, and Europe all saw such rebellions. What caused them? Why did almost all of them fail? Were they popular movements or elite enterprises? What other forms of resistance to Rome existed besides armed revolts? To what extent were ethnicity, race, or religion factors in the revolts? The main case studies will be Arminius (Germany), Tacfarinas (North Africa), Boudicca (Britain), the Batavian Revolt (Netherlands), the Jewish Revolt (Judea), the Diaspora Revolt/Kitos War (Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Judea, Mesopotamia), the Bar Kokhba Revolt (Judea). Readings in ancient literary sources as well as inscriptions, papyri, coins, and archaeological evidence.

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