HIST 2955 Socialism in America

HIST 2955 Socialism in America (also AMST 2955, ASRC 2955) (HB) (HA-AS, HST-AS, SCD-AS)  (HNA)

Tuesday and Thursday:  11:40-12:55 (3-credits)

Professor Russell Rickford

"Why no socialism in America?" Scholars and activists have long pondered the relative dearth (compared to other industrialized societies) of sustained, popular, anticapitalist activity in the United States. Sure, leftist movements in the U.S. have often looked and operated differently than those in other parts of the world. But many Americans have forged creative and vibrant traditions of anticapitalism under very difficult circumstances. This class examines socialist thought and practice in the U.S. from the 19th century to the present. We trace intersections of race, class, and gender while exploring the freedom dreams of those who have opposed capitalism in the very heart of global power. (3-credits)

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