HIST 2853 The Law in Jewish History

HIST 2853 The Law in Jewish History (also JWST 2852, RELST 2853) (HPE, HEU)

Monday and Wednesday: 2:45-4:00

Professor Olga Litvak

Before Jewish politics, Jewish identity and Jewish philosophy, there was Jewish law. No other institution is more important to the history of Judaism and to the Jewish way of life. In this lecture course, we will explore the ways in which legal thought and legal discourse shaped Jewish experience and expression between the biblical age and the computer age. We will discover how the cultural meaning of law changed over time, how legal concepts shaped Jewish belief and Jewish behavior, and how the study of Jewish legal sources contributed to the emergence of modern constitutional thought in the Atlantic world.

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Painting Law; Attribution: Юдаль Майсеевіч Пэн, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons