HIST 2560 War & Peace in Greece and Rome

HIST 2560 War & Peace in Greece and Rome (also CLASS 2680) (HB) (HA-AS, GLC-AS, HST-AS) (HPE, HEU)

Tuesday and Thursday: 11:25-12:40 plus optional discussions

Professor Barry Strauss

In ancient Greece and Rome, government did little besides wage war and raise taxes, culture focused on war, warriors gloried in battle, and civilians tried to get out of the way.  This course surveys the impact of war and the rarity of peace in the ancient world. Topics include: "why war?";  the face of battle; leadership; strategy, operations, and tactics; women and war; intelligence and information-gathering; diplomacy and peacemaking; militarism; war and slavery; the archaeology of warfare.  Readings in translation include selections from Homer, Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Caesar, Livy, Tacitus, Josephus, and Ammianus Marcellinus.   

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Terracotta alabastron (perfume vase) ca. 590–570 B.C. from metmuseum.org