HIST 2220 From the New Deal to the Age of Reagan

HIST 2220 From the New Deal to the Age of Reagan (also AMST 2220, SHUM 2220) (HST-AS) (HNA)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:55-4:10 plus Independent Research

Professor Lawrence Glickman

This seminar will explore some of the major political and cultural trends in the United States,  from the era of the Democratic New Dealer, Franklin D. Roosevelt, through the era of the conservative Republican, Ronald Reagan? This seminar will explore through primary source research and secondary readings  the key economic, political, and cultural characteristics and transformations of the period from 1930 though the turn of the century.  The course will examine the rise, persistence, and breakdown of the so-called “New Deal Order” and the crucial political shifts that we call the “Reagan Revolution.” A key theme in this course will be the transformations and critiques of American liberalism and conservatism.

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