HIST 1975 Caribbean Migrations I: Caribbean Arrivals

HIST 1975 Caribbean Migrations I: Caribbean Arrivals (also ASRC 1975, LATA 1975) (HST-AS)(GLC-AS) (HGS)

Tuesday and Thursday: 11:25-12:40 plus discussions

Professors Ernesto Bassi and Gerard Aching

This course is the first in a two-course sequence that studies the role of migration in the historical configuration of the Caribbean. This first part focuses on migrations to the Caribbean from the fifteenth century to the present. The course uses the arrival of numerous populations to the Caribbean as analytical lens to explore the role of new populations in shaping the social, political, racial, cultural, and economic landscape of the Caribbean. Through an analysis of the interactions among the many groups that peopled the Caribbean, the course offers students analytical tools to understand and develop their own interpretations of the historical development of the Caribbean, emphasizing processes of dispossession, racialization, colonialism, and resistance.

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