HIST 1802 Introduction to Latinos in U.S. History

Introduction to Latinos in U.S. History (also AMST 1802, LSP 1802, LATA 1802, SHUM 1802) (HA-AS) (SCD-AS) (HNA)

Tuesday and Thursday: 11:40-12:55

Professor Maria Cristina Garcia

This course seeks a fuller recounting of the U.S. history by remapping what we understand as “America”.  We will examine traditional themes in the teaching of U.S. history – territorial expansion and empire, migration and nation building, industrialization and labor, war and revolution, and citizenship and transnationalism—but we will examine this “American experience” in a broader hemispheric context and include as actors Americanos of Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central/South American ancestries.  (3-Credits)

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