Naoki Sakai

Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies Emeritus


Naoki Sakai teaches in the departments of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies and is a member of the graduate field of History at Cornell University. He has published in a number of languages in the fields of comparative literature, intellectual history, translation studies, the studies of racism and nationalism, and the histories of semiotic and literary multitude - speech, writing, corporeal expressions, calligraphic regimes, and phonographic traditions. He has led the project of TRACES, a multilingual series in four languages - Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese (German, Italian, and Spanish will be added in 2008) - whose editorial office is located at Cornell, and served as its founding senior editor (1996 - 2004). In addition to TRACES, Naoki Sakai serves as a member of the following editorial boards,positions east asia cultural critique (in the United States),Post-colonial studies (in Australia), Tamkang Review (in Taiwan),International Dictionary of Intellectual History (Britain and Germany), Modern Japanese Cultural History (Japan), ASPECTS (South Korea) and Multitudes (in France).

Research Focus

  • Critical Theory and Intellectual History
  • Nationalism and Colonialism
  • Race and Ethnicity 
  • Translation 
  • Inscription and Visuality

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