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Megan Jeffreys

Graduate Student

Megan Jeffreys

Mcgraw Hall

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Long Beach (2013)
  • Master of Arts, California State University, Long Beach (2018)


I focus on enslavement in the United States and, more specifically, the experience of children in American slavery. While millions of children were born into slavery in the US, the current scholarship on such an important topic is underdeveloped. With easier access to important sources - through various digitization efforts - this is a topic that deserves further attention. In the course of researching the enslavement of children in the US, I also address other inseperable issues such as gender, resistance, family, community, and the entangled globality of slavery. As my research progresses, I look forward to demonstrating the importance of childhood in understanding enslavement on a global scale and the ways in which the experiences of children shape and reshape our understandings of the past.



 United States, American history, slavery, children and childhood, gender, resistance



  • History


While my dissertation is still taking form, my research focuses on runaway slave advertisements and the ways in which these extensive sources shed light on resistance, gender, and childhood.


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  • "Freedom in Fiction: Trickster Tales and American Slavery." In Atrocity in Children's Literature, Victory Nesfield and Philip Smith, editors. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. (Forthcoming).