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Kelsey Utne

Graduate Student

Kelsey Utne

Educational Background

  • 2017: Master of Arts in History, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA.
  • 2015: Master of Arts in International & South Asian Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.
  • 2012: Bachelor of Arts in History & Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Salem State University, Salem, MA, USA.



I am a doctoral candidate in the History Department at Cornell University. My dissertation examines the memorialization of death, disposal of corpses, and the transmission of human remains and memories in South Asia between World War I and the first decades of the Cold War. My academic research is primarily driven by questions of how people interface with the past and construct ideas of heritage through commemorative sites (or lack thereof).

Advisor:  Durba Ghosh


  • History


  • South Asia Program
  • Cornell Prison Education Program
  • Southeast Asia Program


  • Modern South Asia
  • Muslim World
  • Comparative Colonialism
  • Histories of death and the dead
  • Commemoration
  • Critical Heritage Studies
  • Public History