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Jennifer Begakis

Graduate Student

Jennifer Begakis

Mcgraw Hall, Room 132

Educational Background

The University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 2015.



I am a historian of American capitalism working on the twentieth-century consumer goods economy. I research critical turns in touristic planning from the New Deal to the present. 

Advisor:  Larry Glickman


Histories of Capitalism

Strategic Planning

Economic Thought


  • History

Graduate Fields

  • Modern American History
  • History of Capitalism
  • City and Regional Planning


  • Cornell University, ILR School
  • Department of City and Regional Planning
  • Cornell AAP


Economic planning and its many failures. My dissertation work looks at developments of large scale economic planning in destination tourism. I analyze the making and management of themed experiences, with emphasis on tensions between quality control and innovation.  For my case studies, I examine Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (the late-1940s to the mid-1980s). More broadly, I am interested in histories of economic thought, economic geography, strategic planning, public-private partnerships, municipal governance, and architectures of commercial consumption.