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The History Minor is designed to be a straightforward opportunity to sample the offerings of the department. Students may choose to take courses in a few different regions and time periods or to focus on the one particular area of history they’re most interested in. Either way, students will have the chance to deepen their knowledge of the past and sharpen their analytical and writing skills.

History Minor Requirements: 

  • Five (5) courses within the Department of History (that is, only courses offered or crosslisted in the department)
    • All five courses must be taken for letter grades, with a grade of C or better, and either 3 or 4 credits each.
    • First-Year Writing seminars do not count for the minor.
  • One (1) of the five courses must be a seminar at the 2000-level or above.

Note: Transfer, advanced placement, or study abroad credits are not eligible.

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