History Honors

History Honors

The history department offers an honors program for students who wish to research and write a thesis during their senior year. In addition to writing the thesis, honors students must maintain a 3.5 average in their history courses, take HIST 4000 - Introduction to Historical Research during their junior (or sophomore) year, and complete 10 courses in history (for 3 or 4 credits each).


Honors in History requirements:

  • At least a 3.5 average within the History department.
  • 3 of the ten courses must be in history before 1800.
  • 4 of the ten courses must be four of the five different World Areas. 
  • 2 of the ten courses, must be seminars.  One of these seminars must be a 4000-level seminar.   Service-learning 4000-level courses may not be used to fulfill the 4000-level seminar requirement. 

Note: History majors who wish both to study abroad (or in Cornell-in-Washington) and to enter the honors program should consult their advisors or the DUS as soon as possible after declaring a major. The department requires honors students to enroll in History 4000 before writing a thesis in their senior year, and may not enroll simultaneously in 4000 and 4001 (the first term of thesis-writing). So planning ahead is essential, especially if you intend to spend a full year abroad.

Application and Resources

Honors application form (webform)

Paper Applications are available in McGraw Hall, fourth floor.

Honors Research Funding Application