History of Capitalism Minor Approved Courses

1. Regional/National/Global Survey of Capitalism

One core course:

HIST 1540/AMST 1540/ILRLR 1845 American Capitalism

HIST 3081 Stability and Crisis: Capitalism and Democracy, 1870 to the present

2. Economics and Business

Students will need to take at least one course from this list.

ECON 1110           Introductory Microeconomics

ECON 1120           Introductory Macroeconomics

ECON 3010           Accelerated Microeconomics

ECON 3030           Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

ECON 3300           Development of Economic Thought and Institutions

ECON 3310           American Economics History I

ECON 3320           American Economic History II

GOVT 3547           American Primacy Challenged: International Political Economy

GOVT 3557           American Exceptionalism Questioned: Comparative Political Economy

PAM 2000             Intermediate Microeconomics

AEM 2241             Finance (formerly AEM 2240)   

HADM 2250          Finance

3. Historical Areas

Students will need to take at least three courses from the following list (students may also request inclusion of a "historical" course, please email staff).

ASRC 3010            Sweetness

ANTHR 2440        Anthropology of Money

ECON 3480         Race and American Labor Market

GERST 4431          Melancholy Left: Marx to Benjamin (HIST 4234) 

GERST 1170          Marx, Nietzsche, Freud 

GERST 3610          Homo Oeconomicus

GOVT 2225          Controversies About Inequality

GOVT 3303          Politics of the Global North

GOVT 3667          Exceptionalism Questioned

GOVT 4021           American Conservative Thought

HIST 1640              US History Since Depression

HIST 1690              Latin America and the World

HIST 1950              The Invention of Latin America

HIST 1955              No gods, No masters: Histories of Anarchism

HIST 1960              Latin America and Modern World

HIST 1986              Disasters! A History of Colonial Failures in the Atlantic World

HIST 2062              Migrant Workers in the Americas

HIST 2063             Anarchism: History, Theory, Practice

HIST 2210              Popular Culture in China

HIST 2212              The US Empire

HIST 2220              From the New Deal to the Age of Reagan

HIST 2452              Dress Cloth and Identity

HIST 2423              Dazed and Confused: The Politics of Drug and Alcohol in US History

HIST 2500              Technology in Society

HIST 2541              Modern Caribbean History

HIST 2581              Environmental History

HIST 2641              Race and Modern US History

HIST 2680             Sex, Drugs, and Experimenting with Democracy in 1960s and 1970s America

HIST 2885             Consumer Culture

HIST 3022             Capitalism and American Democracy

HIST 3050             Eighteenth-Century Britain

HIST 3181              Living in an Uncertain World: Science, Technology, and Risk

HIST 3652             African Economic Development Histories

HIST 3740              America Becomes Modern: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

HIST 3825             World War II: A Global History

HIST 4041              Atlantic Commodities

HIST 4261             Commodification and Consumerism in Historical Perspective

HIST 4490             Peddlers, Pirates and Prostitutes: Subaltern Histories of Southeast Asia, 1800-1900

HIST 4820            History of Slavery

HIST 6065             Science, Technology, Capitalism (only with permission of instructor)

ILRLR 1100              Introduction to U.S. Labor History

ILRLR 2070            Writing Seminar in History of Mexican Labor

ILRIC 2310            Sociology of Work

ILRIC 2350           Work, Labor, and Capital in the Global Economy

ILRLR 2810            Migration: Histories, Controversies, and Perspectives

ILRLR 3035            Special Topics: Labor, Race, Gender

ILRLR 3040            Special Topics: Labor History

ILRLR 3060            Recent History of American Workers

ILRLR 3065            Immigrant America: Race and Citizenship in Modern Working Class History

ILRLR 3071             Governing Economic Development

ILRLE 3440            Development of Economic Thoughts

ILRLR 3880            Unfree Labor: Servants, Slaves, and Wives

ILRLR 3870            The History of Consumption: From Wedgwood to WalMart

ILRLR 4845            Labor, Race and Gender