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Fall 2019 - Kristen Weld

Flyer announcing Kirsten Weld Talk on October 24, 2019

"Uncovering Dangerous Pasts: A Dispatch from the Trenches of Public History"

Professor Kirsten Weld (Harvard University)

Thursday, October 24th, 142 Goldwin Smith Hall, at 5:00-6:30pm


Fall 2019 - Andrew Lipman

Flyer announcing Andrew Lipman Talk on November 18, 2019

"Squanto's Odyssey: Atlantic Slaveries and the Mayflower Myth"

Professor Andrew Lipman (Barnard College/Columbia University)

Monday, November 18th, in 132 Goldwin Smith Hall, at 5:00-6:30pm


Spring 2019 - Valerie Kivelson

The Art of Witchcraft Lecture Flyer, information on page

"Erotic Magic in 17th-Century Russia: The Art of Witchcraft"

Dr. Valerie Kivelson


Fall 2018 - Robert Self

The Unhappiest Place on Earth Flyer, information on webpage

"The Unhappiest Place on Earth: The Family Economy in the American Century"

By Professor Robert Self (History, Brown University)


Fall 2017 - Nathan Connolly

What's Yours Is Mine Flyer, information of webpage

"What's Yours Is Mine: Family and Property in an Age of Land Grabbing"

Professor Nathan Connolly (Johns Hopkins University)



Spring 2017 - Matthew Karp

Slave Power Flyer, information on webpage

The Inaugural "Making History Accessible" Lecture

"Slave Power: How Southern Slaveholders Mastered U.S. Foreigh Policy"

Matthew Karp (Assistant Professor of History Princeton University)