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Cameron Tardif

Graduate Student

Cameron Tardif

Educational Background

M.A. in History, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2020.

B.A. Honours in History, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (First-Class Honours), 2019.


I am a PhD student studying twentieth-century United States history. My research focuses on the intersections of race and empire with sports. Centering athletics as a space where race and power are both made and negotiated, my research has included topics such as Indian Boarding School athletics within American Empire, the historical racial wealth gap and access to ice hockey in North America, and more recently, the relationship of slavery and freedom between the United States and Canada as a lens to understanding the experiences of transnational Black athletes in the twentieth-century.

More broadly, I am interested in studying sports as a cultural touchstone to explore larger historical questions and themes that include transnational U.S. history, race, civil rights, empire, notions of citizenship, and Indigenous history.

Advisor: Lawrence Glickman


United States, Canada


  • History