Amorette Grace Lyngwa

Graduate Student


I am broadly interested in exploring an indigenous history/historiography of Northeast India, focusing on the narratives of the Khasi community in the state of Meghalaya. I am particularly keen on taking a community-focused approach, using oral histories of living elders, to study how the community has transformed, hybridized and modernized over the last century. My research will primarily focus on understanding what public history could mean for Indigenous communities with predominant oral traditions, whose languages were largely unwritten until colonial contact.

I am also interested in the social history of fashion and textile production, and how clothing has been used for self representation, particularly through periods of shifting cultural identities.

Advisor:  Durba Ghosh


Lyngwa, Amorette. "Self-Representation, Community Engagement and Decolonisation in the Museums of Indigenous Communities: Perspectives from Meghalaya, India." History 107, no. 375 (Feb 2022): 302-321.