HIST 4674 Disposession, Truth, and Reconciliation

HIST 4674 Dispossession, Truth, and Reconciliation (also AIIS 4674, AMST 4674) (HNA)

Tuesday and Thursday: 10:10-11:25

Professor Jon Parmenter

The dispossession of Indigenous nations by Europeans represents the foundation of the past five centuries of North American history. Yet the truth of that history remains cloaked behind various Western legal-religious justifications for the dispossession of lndigenous American populations by Europeans (i.e., terra nullius, the Doctrine of Discovery, the right of conquest, and Manifest Destiny). Through analysis of primary texts and up-to-date historical and legal scholarship, students in this course will unpack these still-thriving tropes of settler-colonial justification for dispossession, assess the true impact of the taking of Indigenous lands, and explore prospects for meaningful reconciliation in the present.

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Map of Indian land cessions in the United States.
Map of Indian land cessions in the United States. Credit: Law Library of Congress