HIST 2631 The Global History of Time

HIST 2631 The Global History of Time (HST-AS)(HPE, HTR)

Tuesday and Thursday: 11:40-12:55 (3-credits)

Dr. Justin Clark

We often define history as change over time, while overlooking that our ways of measuring, thinking about, and using time are themselves an important part of history. This lecture course examines that history on a global scale. Why have societies around the world spent so much effort over the centuries in studying, philosophizing, and inventing stories about time? How have clocks, calendars, and other timekeepers evolved? How have those devices helped re-organize society, industry, and science? Drawing on case studies from every continent, this course will familiarize students with the technological, political, social, and cultural histories of time, while developing their skills in analyzing primary sources such as art works, films, and literary texts.

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