HIST 2541 Modern Caribbean History

HIST 2541 Modern Caribbean History (also ASRC 2308, LATA 2308) (GB) (HA-AS, GLC-AS, HST-AS) (HGS)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:55-4:10 plus Independent Research

Professor Judith Byfield

This course examines the development of the contemporary Caribbean since the Haitian Revolution.  Our attention will focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and our readings pay particular attention to the ways in which race, gender, and ethnicity shape the histories of the peoples of the region.  The course uses a pan-Caribbean approach by focusing largely on three islands - Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba - that belonged to competing empires.  Although the imperial powers that held these nations shaped their histories in distinctive ways these nations share certain common features. Therefore, we examine the differences and similarities of their histories as they evolved from plantation based colonies to independent nations. 

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