HIST 2207 East Asian Medical and Martial Arts

HIST 2207 East Asian Medical and Martial Arts (also ASIAN 2278, STS 2207) (HST-AS, SCD-AS) (HTR)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:55-4:10 plus Independent Research

Professor TJ Hinrichs

East Asian medicinal and martial arts, whether practiced in East Asia or in other parts of the world, have been important points of contact for people within and between often marginalized communities. In this course we will study the twentieth century development of East Asian combat and healing traditions, and the transport of those disciplines to the U.S. We will examine the personal, community, national, and global stakes of East Asian arts for those who invest in suppressing, teaching, and practicing them. We will consider how East Asian martial and medical practices relate, for example, to global and local histories of orientalism, colonialism, migration, and racism, and to historical post-colonial, anti-racist, feminist, and LGBTQ movements. Over the course of the semester, we will research martial and medical arts as they have been practiced in Ithaca, and place these local histories into their broader historical contexts.

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Photo of acupuncture and map of Ithaca
Photos showing subjects covered and their intersection with Ithaca TJ Hinrichs