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Slave Owners of West Africa: Decision Making in the Age of Abolition Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Olin Library, Room 107 

By the end of World War One, most of West Africa found themselves colonized by either France, Britain, Germany or Portugal. One aspect of colonial rule was the abolition of slavery. The institution of indigenous slavery continues to influence social relations in West Africa today.

In a Chats in the Stacks book talk, Professor Sandra Greene will present her new book Slave Owners of West Africa (Indiana University Press, May, 2017).

Exploring the lives of three prominent West African slave owners during the age of abolition, Greene discovers the reasons why these individuals reacted to the demise of slavery as they did. Her book emphasizes the notion that the decisions made by these individuals were deeply influenced by their personalities and desires to protect their economic and social status. Their insecurities and sympathies for wives, friends, and other associates had a significant impact on their actions.

Sandra E. Greene is the Stephen ’59 and Madeline ’60 Anbinder Professor of African History in the Department of History at Cornell University. Her research interests have ranged from the study of gender and ethnic relations in West Africa, to the role that religious beliefs, warfare, and the experience of slavery have played in the lives of individuals and communities in eighteenth and nineteenth century Ghana.

Buffalo Street Books will offer books for purchase and signing. Light refreshments served.

This event is sponsored by Olin Library.


In my nursing career, I have studied and been fascinated by the history of nursing, especially in the US. I have never forgotten that I stand on the shoulders of many who struggled and suffered in their attempts to bring dignity and respect to the work that I so appreciate.

— Martha Warren McKinney, Cornell History Major, Class of '68