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Student Opportunities and Resources:

History's Fall Open House

All pre-1800 and non-US courses are now included with the course descriptions in the Class Roster and Courses of Study.

  • Pre-1800 is now coded as HPE
  • Non-US is now coded as HNU

Spring 2018 Course Flyers

Honors Program

Cornell Historical Society

Graduate History Colloquium Series (The graduate history colloquium, now offered as a 1 credit course (Hist 6006), will meet on Wednesdays, 12:15-1:45pm, in 365 McGraw Hall for the Fall 2017 semester.)

Historians Are Writers

In my nursing career, I have studied and been fascinated by the history of nursing, especially in the US. I have never forgotten that I stand on the shoulders of many who struggled and suffered in their attempts to bring dignity and respect to the work that I so appreciate.

— Martha Warren McKinney, Cornell History Major, Class of '68