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Lawrence Glickman

Dear Alumni and Friends,

We hope you will enjoy some mid-semester updates from the Department of History.  We are very excited about all the initiatives and research happening in the department. 

In this newsletter, we share a few recent articles about the department.  One article is about our Active Learning Initiative. This initiative is quite exciting as the department works with two post-doctoral fellows on bringing activities to our introductory courses which will capture the student's attention, interest, and engagement.  We are making great progress toward this goal and wanted to share some insights with you.

In addition to the Active Learning Initiative, the department is excited about some new undergraduate activities to engage students interested in pursuing history as a major or minor.  To that end, we are hosting three Student Faculty lunches this semester as well as Open Office Hours.  Both activities invite students into an informal environment where they can talk about their interest in history and ask questions about our programs.

Our end of the year newsletter, which we distribute at graduation time, will give a full review of the year, including many faculty and student accomplishments. In the interim, If you are on social media, please follow us at Cornell History to stay up to date on our research and events.  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.  

We appreciate all of the contributions you make to enrich our students' experience.  Gifts on Giving Day, March 16, are always appreciated.


Lawrence Glickman

Interim Chair Department of History

Stephen and Evalyn Milman Professor in American Studies



History Department Begins Three Year Active Learning Initiative

History Department Begins Three Year Active Learning Initiative

Thanks to a grant from the university’s Active Learning Initiative (ALI), the Department of History will transform multiple courses with active learning innovation. ALI will help show students the beauty and fun of historical thinking in introductory courses.

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		blue and yellow flag, light shining through it

After one year of war, how to break the stalemate in Ukraine?

February 24 will mark one year since Russian tanks rolled over the border into Ukraine; two Cornell historians provide insight.

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		city lights on a river at night

Sanctions Against Russia Ignore the Economic Challenges Facing Ukraine

In a New York Times guest essay, Nicholas Mulder considers why the Russian economy has proven relatively resilient under sanctions.

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		man in garden

Historian wins NEH grant for work on British-India empire building

Historian Robert Travers is taking a deeper look at the impeachment trial of Warren Hastings.

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		Drawing from an 18th century newspaper of a person in a tree

Mellon grants $1M to deepen and improve Freedom on the Move

Cornell is partnering with multiple institutions to foster a research community around a growing collection of “runaway slave” advertisements published in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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		Book cover: Losing Istanbul

‘Losing Istanbul’: Personal histories illustrate an empire’s end

Putting biographical details in conversation with global events, Mostafa Minawi gives the reader a street-level understanding of what it was like to live through the final decades of the ailing Ottoman Empire.

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		Picture of Judith Byfield

Professor’s book wins American Historical Association prize

Judith Byfield's book "The Great Upheaval: Women and Nation in Postwar Nigeria" was awarded the Martin A. Klein Prize.

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