Professor Claudia Verhoeven Receives GPSA Faculty Award

By: Claire Perez, 
June 22, 2021

Claudia Verhoeven, associate professor of history, has received the GPSA  Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring Award.  Verhoeven is a historian of modern Russia and Europe whose primary research interests are terror/terrorism and revolutionary cultures.  

This award given by the GPSA (Graduate Professional Student Assembly) recognizes outstanding faculty who excel in their teaching, mentorship, and advising of graduate and professional students. Twelve graduate students, including Benedetta L. S. Carnaghi—an advisee of Verhoeven's—wrote individual nomination letters. Additionally, Austin Raetz—co-chair of the Graduate History Association (20-21)—wrote a collective letter on behalf of the GHA, including the viewpoint of thirteen of his peers. The letters point to Claudia Verhoeven's commitment to the success of our history graduate students and her strong communication skills.

Raetz stated that Verhoeven  "devoted extraordinary attention and care to all students, working hard to find alternative funding for those of us who had seen our research and travel plans disrupted by the pandemic. She has also gone to great lengths to keep in touch with those graduate students who found themselves far from Ithaca amidst travel restrictions, and to make sure that they had the support and resources they needed to stay safe, remain connected to the Department community, and adapt their research or writing plans to the disruptions brought on by the pandemic."  

Raetz also noted that Verhoeven responded promptly to emails, helped redefine the GHA's role during virtual instruction, and invited students to reach out or drop by her weekly office hours no matter what stressors they encountered, an offering deeply appreciated by the students.  

As her direct advisee, Benedetta Carnaghi noted how Verhoeven assisted her with intellectual history.  "Throughout our conversations leading up to the "A" exam, she taught me how to engage with difficult theoretical texts, how to untangle more abstract arguments, and how to use theory as a toolbox in order to apply it to my research." 

Carnaghi appreciated Verhoeven's continued support for all graduate students, ''Regularly attending our colloquium sessions and giving presenters helpful feedback.  Her presence and encouragement meant a lot to us deprived by the pandemic of other opportunities to engage with faculty members in a more collegial setting."  Carnaghi noted in her letter, "She was a wonderful advisor to me:  always approachable and available, she has nurtured my written work with helpful suggestions, insightful comments, and encouraging calls for greater rigor." 

The lessons of history have expanded for our graduate students thanks to the compassion, commitment, and consistent communication of  Professor Claudia Verhoeven.  The Department congratulates Claudia on the receipt of the GPSA  Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring Award.

Claudia Verhoeven Award Announcement