A Mid-Semester Note from the Chair

February 24, 2020

Greetings Friends and Alumni,
I’m writing to share with you three recent articles about history, which are in our mid-semester e-newsletter.
The first article, “Garcia, Burrow receive inaugural faculty diversity award” discusses Maria Cristina Garcia, the Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, and her excellence in research, teaching and service through diversity.  Her devotion to our History students enriches their lives and the life of the department.
As our History majors continue to grow, we think you will enjoy reading our alumna article about Erica Siegel Henning titled, "History Degree Shines Light on Alumna's Real-estate Business Career."  In it, she explains how her major in history taught her crucial skills that she has used throughout her successful career.
Finally, we include an article from the Cornell Chronicle about Professor Emeritus, Mary Beth Norton’s book, 1774, in which Norton Chronicles the Road to Revolution.
The Department of History continues to provide enriching opportunities for our students to grow and learn.  We know that your support makes a difference.  If you are considering a gift to us on Giving Day,  March 12, please use the History Giving Day link. Please note the link will only be active on Giving Day.
We look forward to connecting with you again at the end of the semester with our traditional newsletter which will be provided in digital format for the first time this year.
Tamara Loos
Tamara Loos
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Tamara Loos