History Major Application

NOTE: All new history majors MUST choose their own advisor and then meet with this advisor (either during office hours or through email) to go over courses that have been taken towards the major BEFORE completing this application.  The advisor that is chosen must be a history faculty member.  Please also remember to ask your New Advisor to confirm with the main office that all steps have been completed (both securing an advisor and course plan).

Requirements for the History Major

     • Students must complete (or be taking) two history courses before applying to the history major.
     • 9 history courses (with a grade of “C” or better)
     • 3 of the nine courses must be in history before 1800
     • 4 of the nine courses must be taken from the following five categories (1 course each in four of the five categories): Asia, North America, Europe, Global South (Africa/Caribbean/Latin American and Middle East), and Tranregional (Transregional, Comparative, and Methodological).
     • 2 of the nine courses must be seminars, and one of these seminars must be a 4000-level seminar.  Service-learning courses offered at the 4000-level may not be used to fulfill the 4000-level seminar requirement.  

Note: a single course may count to fulfill more than one of the requirements. However, you are still required to complete a total of NINE history courses for successful completion of the major. Courses designated as “pre-1800” and “World Areas” include a specific code at the end of each course description.  (HPE=pre-1800; HNU=non-US; HAN=Asian; HNA=North America; HEU=European; HGS=Global South; HTR=Transregional).

Note: Students are only allowed to petition for a total of TWO to THREE transfer courses from another institution to be counted towards the major’s requirements. The number of transfer credits allowed is determined by the length of time away. See History Major Transfer Credit Form. 


Expected semester and year of graduation
Home street address, city, state, zip code
List all other majors and advisors

Attention New Major: By adding the name of your new advisor below, you are indicating to us that you've already met with this faculty member (or communicated through email) and they approved your entry into the history major.  Acceptance into the major automatically happens with submission of this application AND receipt of email to the department from your new advisor.

Name and netid of new history advisor (please note, new advisor must be a history faculty member).


Requirements Worksheet

Please use the link below to upload your completed Requirements Worksheet (a photo taken from your phone is acceptable as long as the image is readable). Please be sure your full name is included in the filename.

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