HIST 4963 China's Early Modern

October 11, 2019

HIST 4963 China's Early Modern (also ASIAN 4461, MEDVL 4963) (GHB) (HA-AS) (HPE, HNU) (HPE, HAN)

Wednesday: 2:30-4:25pm

Professor TJ Hinrichs

Theories of modernization have inspired, informed, and plagued histories of middle and late imperial China.  For the Song-Qing eras (roughly 10th-19th centuries), comparative studies have variously found and sought to explain modernization emerging earlier than in Europe, an absence of modernization, or alternative paths of modernization.  Regional models have argued for pan-East Asian systems and patterns of modernization.  Global models have argued that China had a vital role in European development as a provenance of modernizing institutions and ideas, as a source of exploited resources, or otherwise as an integral part of global systems.  In this course we explore these historiographical debates and develop critical perspectives, including approaches to escaping Eurocentric and teleological frameworks.


Photo artist: Zhāng Zéduān; source: Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Qingming_shanghe_tu_bridge.jpg

Image of Map of China's Early Modern for HIST 4963