HIST 3060 Modern Mexico: A Global History

March 23, 2021

HIST 3060 Modern Mexico: A Global History (also LATA 3060, LSP 3061) (GB) (HA-AS)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:45-4:00 with optional discussion

Professor Raymond Craib

This course provides a general, critical introduction to the history of Mexico since its independence from Spanish rule in the early nineteenth century.  Rather than a chronological summation of events and great leaders, emphasis will be placed upon certain themes and trends with respect to economic, social and cultural development and change.  We will be particularly interested in the patterns of conflict and negotiation that shaped Mexico’s history and emphasis will be given throughout the course to the ways in which “everyday people” participated in and influenced the political events of their times and to the important regional, class, ethnic, and gender differences that have figured prominently in Mexico’s history. The course also pays attention to the history of what one could call “greater Mexico” and relations with the United States. Finally, we will be concerned with the historiography, not just the history, of Mexico:  that is, the ways in which the history of Mexico has been written and the political dimensions of writing those histories.

Klarman Hall at sunset