HIST 2562 Medicine and Healing in China

April 1, 2020

HIST 2562 Medicine and Healing in China (also ASIAN 2262/CAPS 2262/BSOC 2561/STS 2561) (HA-AS) (HPE, HNU)(HPE, HEU)

Tuesday and Thursday: 1:25-2:40

Professor TJ Hinrichs

An exploration of processes of change in health care practices in China. Focuses on key transitions, such as the emergence of canonical medicine, of Daoist approaches to healing and longevity, of “scholar physicians,” and of “traditional Chinese medicine” in modern China. Inquires into the development of healing practices in relation to both popular and specialist views of the body and disease; health care as organized by individuals, families, communities, and states; the transmission of medical knowledge; and healer-patient relations. Course readings include primary texts in translation as well as secondary materials.

Decorative Art: Imperial China