HIST 2006 Understanding Global Capitalism Through Service Learning

October 16, 2019

HIST 2006 Understanding Global Capitalism Through Service Learning (also AMST 2016, ASRC 2006) (GB) (CU-CEL, CU-ITL) (HTR)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:55-4:10

Professor Edward Baptist

This course is a seminar focused on a service-learning approach to understanding the history of neoliberal transformations of the global economy through the lens of an island (Jamaica) and a community (Petersfield.) Building on the success of recent year’s global service-learning course and trip to Petersfield, and now bringing the course under the auspices of both the Engaged Cornell and Cornell Abroad administrative and funding capabilities. Students will attend class each week and will also take a one-week service trip over spring break to work with the local community partner (AOC) in Petersfield. We will also work with Amizade, a non-profit based in Pittsburgh, who is the well-established partner of the AOC and which works with numerous universities on global service learning projects. They have a close relationship with CU Engaged Learning and Research.  Trip to Petersfield, Jamaica will take place on March 28-April 4, 2020.


Photo source: trip to Petersfield, used by permission, E.Baptist photo

Photo of water flowing at service project site