HIST 1920 Modern China

March 23, 2021

HIST 1920 Modern China (also ASIAN 1192, CAPS 1920) (GB) (HA-AS, GLC-AS, HST-AS) (HAN)

 Tuesday and Thursday: 9:40-10:55

Professor Mara Du

This course surveys modern Chinese history from 1600 to present. Time will be devoted to each of the three major periods into which modern Chinese history is conventionally divided: the Imperial Era (1600-1911), the Republican Era (1911-1949), and the People’s Republic of China (1949-present). It guides students through pivotal events in modern Chinese history, and uncovers the origins of China’s painful transition from a powerful early modern empire to a country torn by civil unrest and imperialist invasion, and then from a vanguard of world revolution to a post-communist party-state whose global power is on the rise.

Klarman Hall at sunset