HIST 1600 History of Law: Great Trials

April 1, 2020

HIST 1600 History of Law: Great Trials (HA-AS) (HNU)(HEU)

Tuesday and Thursday: 1:25-2:15

Professors Paul Friedland and Claudia Verhoeven

Through discussion of a variety of high-profile and lesser-known trials throughout history, this course will examine a range of issues in the history of law and criminality. We will study the relationship between ideology and law in different societies, the politics of trials, the theory and practice of punishment, and the relationship of trials to terror(ism) and social marginalization. Cases to be covered include: Socrates, Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc, the French Revolutionary Terror, the Russian revolutionary terrorists, the Dreyfus Affair, the Stalinist show trials, Charles Manson, OJ Simpson, and Pussy Riot.

A photo of the Nuremberg Trials