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Chakraborty, Rukmini

I study Indian Ocean history, focusing on the late eighteenth- early nineteenth-century Bay of Bengal. My research currently focuses on intersections between competing Colonial Empires, maritime law and practices of Asian merchant groups. Related interests include, South and Southeast Asia interactions, maritime sovereignty, global intellectual history, history of international law and early nineteenth century legal thought.
Advisor:  Durba Ghosh

Cororaton, Claire

I explore the political and economic history of the Philippines particularly the intersection and interaction of Spanish and US empires in the Philippines in the late 18th to early 19th century. My thematic interests include empire and transnational history.
Advisor:  Eric Tagliacozzo

Donald, Emily

I'm interested in histories of sexuality and gender in modern Southeast Asia, focusing primarily on Thailand. I draw influence from gender theory and critical feminist historiography to study discourses around Thai sexual cultures, with special emphasis on women's same-sex sexuality and lesbianism.
​Advisor: Tamara Loos

Fernandez, Juan

I'm interested in maritime Southeast Asia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, focusing primarily on the American Philippines, colonial photography and anthropology in the region, masculinity and gender, technologies of imperial rule, and the participation of colonies in international expositions during this period.
Advisor:  Tamara Loos

Guo, Jingya

My research focuses on Chinese women's history, material culture, and history of Chinese medicine in the Ming-Qing period.
Advisor: TJ Hinrichs

Han, Jihyun

Modern China; economy and society in early People's Republic of China; state-society relationship; social diversity; Northeastern China
Advisor:  TJ Hinrichs, Victor Seow

Majumdar, Aparajita

My study brings together ideas concerning matter, space and ecology in the histories of resource extraction. I work primarily on the accumulation of 'wild' rubber in the north eastern tracts of British India, with specific interests in scientific forestry, borders and contraband economies. I am interested in the discursive meanings that human societies place on natural resources and commodities, while also exploring notions about material agency which - to put simply - refers to the ability of things and objects to bring change in the various human-led endeavors.
Advisor:  Durba Ghosh

Miller, Michael Kirkpatrick

My interests focus on migration and ethnic identity in insular Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and the Pacific in colonial port cities, with a specific concentration on the exchange of peoples and goods across boats, beaches, and islands.
Advisor:  Eric Tagliacozzo

Ocampo Eibenschutz, Emilio

My interests focus on perspectives of historiographic, material culture, and ethnographic analyses to research mobility, translocality, and exchange in the Persian Gulf in relation to wider Indian Ocean dynamics (17th c. to the present). More broadly, I am interested in globalization and connectivity in the "Global South".
Advisor:  Mostafa Minawi

Peng, Yiyun

Chinese history with a focus on late imperial and modern China.
Advisor:  Victor Seow

Utne, Kelsey

Representations of national identity and public history in late-colonial to early post-colonial South Asia.
Advisor:  Durba Ghosh

Vo, Alex

Southeast Asian history
Advisor:  Keith Taylor

Vu, Hoang

I explore the evolution of Vietnam's foreign relations between the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, through the conflicts with Democratic Kampuchea and China, to its entry into ASEAN and normalization of relations with the U.S. in 1995.
Advisor:  Keith Taylor

Wan, Darren

My research centers on southern Chinese and Tamil diasporic communities across the Bay of Bengal (especially British Malaya, Burma, and Ceylon) in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I am invested in intercommunal intimacies and violences generated by labor migration across the British Empire, and how everyday encounters with other migrants and indigenous persons in Indian Ocean port cities informed these communities’ relationships to and experiences of citizenship, decolonization, and Afro-Asian internationalism.
Advisor:  Eric Tagliacozzo

Wang, Anran

My research interest focuses on China's ethnic relations and foreign relations during the Cold War era.  I'm particularly interested in the interaction between ethnic politics in China's northern borderland and China's relations with neighboring communist states.
Advisor:  Victor Seow



Bloomfield, Kevin

My research lies at the intersection of environmental history and historical climatology in late antiquity. My dissertation, tentatively titled "Climate, Environment, and Culture in the Roman World", is an environmental micro-history of various ecozones in the late Roman world.
Advisor:  Eric Rebillard

Boling, Nathaniel

My interests include modern France, European intellectual history, psychoanalysis, and critical theory.
Advisor:  Camille Robcis

Bujalski, Nicholas

I specialize in 19th and 20th century Russia, within the broader context of modern European cultural and intellectual history. My current work focuses on the birth of the Russian revolutionary tradition, political imprisonment, and spatial history.
Advisor:  Claudia Verhoeven

Carnaghi, Benedetta

I study modern European history with a particular focus on Italy, France, and Germany. My research currently focuses on a comparison between the Fascist and Nazi secret police. Related interests include the history of Resistance, the Holocaust, gender studies, political violence, and terror.
Advisor:  Enzo Traverso

Fei, Du

My research focuses on the history of empire and the environment in the northwestern frontier of the Indian subcontinent during the early modern period.
Advisor: Robert Travers

Krell, Jacob

Modern intellectual history
Advisor:  Suman Seth

Lyons, Craig

I am a medieval historian concentrating on the Viking Age North Atlantic. My research centers around the development of the Norse town and kingdom of Dublin and its role as a mercantile, political, and cultural hub in the Irish Sea region and the wider North Atlantic. I engage with both written and material evidence to help shed further light on processes of state formation, institutional development, and cross-cultural trade in the settlement and along its overseas network. More broadly, I am interested in medieval maritime history, political thought and ideology, and economic development.
Advisor:  Oren Falk

McTavish, John

I am an ancient historian whose work focuses on Greco-Roman political and military history during the late Classical and early Hellenistic periods. My research interests include issues of chronology, historiography, imperialism, and monarchy, but I am most passionate about the wars of the Diadochi.
Advisor: Barry Strauss  

Plukker, Aimee

I am a cultural historian of modern Europe with research interests in the history of tourism, urban and transnational history, the representation and uses of history, heritage and memory studies and the dynamics between politics and (popular) culture. My PhD project investigates the impact of American tourism in Western Europe on the establishment of the post-war idea of ‘the West’ as cultural identity between 1945 and 1960. I will examine both the political, economic and cultural activities of policy-makers and European, national and local institutions as the interplay between the tourism industry and tourist practices, with a special emphasis on Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam.
Advisor:  Enzo Traverso

Pontzer, Kaitlin

My research focuses on the intersection of political power and familial structures in early modern England. Related interests include partisan rhetoric, gender, the British Empire, emotional norms, and historical notions of public and private.
Advisor:  Rachel Weil

Raetz, Austin

I study early modern English history, with a focus on the 16th and 17th centuries. I research the history of gender and sexuality, specifically addressing issues of masculinity and men's sexuality. Masculinity and the body, and same-sex sexuality among men are prominent themes of my research.
​Advisor:  Rachel Weil

Szabla, Christopher

European and global history, particularly intellectual history and the histories of colonialism and international law. My research currently focuses on past attempts to coordinate and regulate global migration.
Advisor:  Isabel Hull, Robert Travers

Wesner, Samantha

I am a PhD candidate studying the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, with particular focus on secularism, religion, education, and aesthetics.
Advisor:  Paul Friedland


Latin America

Berduc, Manuel

I work on the development of revolutionary epistemology in late 19th and early 20th century socialism(s). I ask how different notions/roots of “scientific” socialism emerged in the 19th century and how these were later forgotten, excluded, and/or incorporated into 20th century knowledge bodies such as dialectical and historical materialism. My work looks at the role of socialists in organizing experience(s) (in the streets, the laboratory, the novel) to orient praxis in different strategic paths to change the conditions of possibility of experience, or social reality. I analyze the work of revolutionary intellectuals to understand the function, relationship, and dialectic between text and mobilization, or texts as organizers and motors of change. Following Alfred Sohn-Rethel, I historicize the labor of socialist intellectuals (through what I call “intellectual-labor history”) from the 1860s to the 1930s in order to understand how the immanent contradictions involved in the separation of manual and intellectual labor translate into socialist praxis. For my case studies, I work with the overlap between expropriative anarchism and Russian Populism to trace the growth and decline of revolutionary terrorism in Russia, Switzerland, and Argentina, and the ways in which migration and languages transform and translate experience.
Advisor:  Ray Craib, Claudia Verhoeven

Dawson, Daniel

My research interests center on the cultural and religious history of the African Diaspora in Spanish America and the Caribbean. My principle research focus is on the interaction between African religious practitioners and Catholic authorities, particularly the Office of the Inquisition in Cartegena, Colombia. I am interested in how African and Christian religious practices and ideas competed, intersected and conflicted with each other in the early modern Spanish Atlantic world.
​Advisor:  Ernesto Bassi

Diaz Angel, Sebastian

I have a BA in Political Science, a BA in History and an MA in Geography. My project focuses on geographical engineering development programs in Latin America during the Cold War, combining my interest in the history of cartography, science and technology studies, environmental history and digital humanities.
Advisor:  Ray Craib

Myers, Nicholas

My focus is on northern Mexico and, more broadly, the North American West from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century. This work reflects my interest in geography, state formation, environmental history, and spatial theory.
Advisor:  Ray Craib, Ernesto Bassi

Norris Cruz, Nathan Carlos

I study 19th and 20th century Latin American and urban history. My research interests include architecture, planning, transnationalism, internationalism, housing, slums, transportation, geography, and environmental and spatial history. My previous project examined how the interaction between technical experts and the urban poor, particularly squatters, shaped Chilean cities.
Advisor: Ray Craib

Perez Canizares, Marcos

I am interested in the study of port cities and maritime communities in the 16th and 17th century Spanish empire.  My thematic interests include, early modern economy, transnational and transregional histories, early settlement in the Spanish Caribbean, early modern city planning, and trans-oceanic maritime cultures.
Advisor:  Ernesto Bassi

Samur Duque, Daniela

I have a BA in History, a BA in Political Science and a MA in Literary Studies. My project refers to the role of booksellers, publishers, and printers in promoting new ideas and values of citizenship in Colombia and it aims at understanding how print culture speaks of mobility and broader connections established between diverse geographies. I seek to study how books helped shape collective identities, political allegiances and build hemispheric connections in the nineteenth-century. This project indicates my interest in literature, print culture, state formation, mobility, and the relationship between culture and politics.
Advisor:  Ernesto Bassi, Ray Craib

United States

Begakis, Jennifer

I am a historian of American capitalism working on the twentieth-century consumer goods industry. My research focuses on destination tourism from the New Deal to the present. I engage with corporate and government sources, as well as city-planning ideas and strategies to understand critical turns in touristic planning. More broadly, I am interested in histories of economic thought, financialization, public-private partnerships, and architectures of commercial consumption.
Advisor:  Larry Glickman

Beswick, Spencer

I am a historian of the left, particularly of American anarchism in the late 20th century. I center questions of political strategy, intersectionality, and organizational structure with the hope of offering inspiration and lessons to today’s social movements.
Advisor:  Russell Rickford, Ray Craib

Bosworth, Amanda

My dissertation-in-progress, entitled After “Walrussia”: American, Russian, Canadian, and Japanese Seals in between Empires, 1867-1911, unites marine environmental history and foreign relations history. I take my title from a popular, humorous moniker - “Walrussia” - applied to Alaska by American newspaper reporters after its purchase from Russia in 1867. This moniker highlights the ways in which both Russian and American colonizers envisioned and experienced Alaska as a marine space. I argue that the fur seal industry—begun by Russians and transferred to Americans by way of Aleutian Island natives—was the basis of transnational relations in the North Pacific following the geopolitical rupture of the transfer of Alaska. When Americans and Canadians made the prudent ecological decision to protect North American fur seals, the problem simply shifted westward, and the Russian navy began to collide with sealhunters. The diplomatic incidents that ensued forced the nations of the North Pacific to delimit maritime boundaries in what they had thought was a peripheral region. I use the theoretical framework of the boundary object, borrowed from sociology and information science, to explain how seals acted as translational, relational workers between humans, organizing interactions between governments. I move the concept into the field of history and suggest that living boundary objects might be called boundary subjects, with cultures and agency of their own. By adding Russian archival documents to traditional English-language histories of the North Pacific fur seal controversy, I am able to tell a more robust, transnational story that reflects the nature of the fur seal and the creation of the world's first international treaty to protect an animal species.
Advisor:  Penny Von Eschen

Cosgrove, Sean

I am a historian of the modern United States with research interests in gender, medicine, and popular culture. I am committed to public engagement and am actively interested in fostering greater inclusivity in higher education.
Advisor:  Derek Chang

Dallos, Matt

I research twentieth century U.S. environmental and cultural history. I'm particularly fascinated by how individuals and communities have responded to regions and sites manipulated by industrial development.
Advisor:  Aaron Sachs

d'Avigdor, Lewis

My research interests include intellectual history, transnational history, the history of protest and 1960s social, political and cultural movements.
Advisor:  Penny Von Eschen

Goder, Neta

I’m working on Diasporic Nationalism in the Jewish and African diasporas. I’m especially interested in visions of non-territorial nationalism, and the role that socialism would play in these formations. I’m examining the internal debates regarding nationalism and socialism in both diasporas, but am also looking for interactions and exchange of ideas between Jews and African-Americans the U.S. Radical Left during the Twentieth Century.
Advisor:  Russell Rickford, Penny Von Eschen

Gonzalez, Lyrianne

My research interests surround 20th-century U.S.-Mexico relations, labor history, Borderlands, and migration history. I study the untold stories of the children of Braceros (Mexican laborers imported to the U.S. from 1942-1964) who were raised within the U.S., by examining archived official federal and political records and putting them into conversation with oral histories. The aim of my work is to explore the social, cultural, and political legacies of the Bracero Program. More specifically, I am interested in the second generation’s narratives as impacted by their familial ties to the program. With the current H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers program and anti-immigrant sentiment, it is imperative to understand the implications of foreign laborer programs and how they impact future generations.
Advisor:  Maria Cristina Garcia, Veronica Martinez-Matsuda

Goodwin, Jeremy

I study twentieth-century U.S. history, with particular interests in both cultural history and the history of capitalism.
Advisor:  Larry Glickman

Jeffreys, Megan

My research interests have long aligned with American slavery and the American Civil War.  In recent years, I have turned towards runaway slave advertisements searching for information about enslaved children who actively resisted that "peculiar institution."  As I continue to explore this avenue of research, I hope to further illuminate the experiences of enslaved children in the United States during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
​Advisor:  Edward Baptist

McNutt, Chelsea D.

As an Americanist, my research explores rural Black southern women’s grassroots activism in twentieth century left social movements. My topic of interest moves beyond previous works on Rural History by centering on Black women’s experiences. My research and writings are informed by their world view and the everyday realities that shaped their activist agendas. Rural Black women significantly influenced the growth and direction of the Black liberation movement in the United States and abroad. I seek to expand the historiography in this area by unearthing their roles and contributions in ways that will certainly influence future scholarship within the field of Rural History and Black Women’s Studies.
Advisor:  Edward Baptist

Meiners, Sarah

My research focus is 20th century United States history with a special focus on post-Vietnam War refugee policy. My research is transnational in character and analyzes the geopolitical motivations behind the admission of certain Southeast Asian refugee groups  Of particular interest is the intersection of US imperialism and humanitarianism.
​Advisor:  Maria Cristina Garcia

Peschard, Jeremy

Post-1848 United States Southwest and Northern Mexico; cross-cultural exchanges and U.S. imperialism; the subsequent social experience of ethnic and religious minorities; general positioning of non-normative gender and sexual variance, with a specific tracking of large-scale attitudinal shifts in indigenous communities.
​Advisor:  Maria Cristina Garcia

Purcell, Ryan

My research interests include urban cultural history, and the ways in which the built environment, economy, and arts intersect. Specifically, I am interested in meanings of punk and hip-hop culture in late-20th century America.
Advisor:  Kevin Gaines

Reed, Molly

19th century U.S. environmental, social, intellectual history; transnationalism; science and technology studies; environmental imaginaries of communal settlements.
Advisor:  Aaron Sachs

Roggensack, Kelsey Jennings

I am interested in African American history following the Emancipation Proclamation, particularly concerning Black migratory communities to the Southwestern United States with special regard to Black intellectual history, education, and themes of multiculturalism in the region.
Advisor:  Russell Rickford

Rojas, Nathaniel

My research engages the intertwined relationships between science, technology, and U.S. foreign relations during the early Cold War.
Advisor:  Penny Von Eschen

Thompson, Kwelina

US 19th and 20th century economic and labor history, history of capitalism, transnationalism, urban studies.
Advisor:  Larry Glickman

Walters, Jake

I am broadly interested in the intersection of political, social, and artistic radicalism, with a particular investment in African-American political radicalism in relation to African-American aesthetic movements. Manifestations of this encounter include the intersection between the Black Power movement and African-American independent film of the '70s and, more broadly, the ways in which black intellectuals have questioned forms of knowing through not only writing about but participating in artistic projects, be it through painting, writing novels, composing music, or engaging in cinematic production. I am also interested in overlaps and disjunctures in concepts of narrativization in the fields of history and art, as well questions of historical memory and how the broader principles of liberalism inform and often demarcate the boundaries of sight, sound, and mind. I would like to research how African-American artists and thinkers have – both politically and aesthetically – interrogated questions of historical agency – as well as historical time and historical self – in ways that are not always tethered to liberal questions of cause and effect.
Advisor:  Kevin Gaines, Penny Von Eschen