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Kelsey Jennings Roggensack

Graduate Student

 Kelsey Jennings    Roggensack

Mcgraw Hall

Educational Background

M.Ed., Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, 2018

B.A., Williams College, 2013


I am a PhD student in the Department of History at Cornell University. I am particularly concerned with Black migratory communities relocating to the American West between 1860-1960. I am interested in the nonmaterial culture and customs Black communities brought to the US West. My historical study breaks down into an investigation of African American migrations to the West and subsequent life in the West, through the analysis of folklore and other lived traditions. I investigate folklore and other cultural practices as an avenue into the lives of African Americans in the US West, in particular as a method for understanding their communities and histories.

Committee: Russell Rickford (chair), Derrick Spires, Derek Chang


  • History


African-American/Black American History
Histories of Resistance
Migration History
US History