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HIST 3720 Chinese Communism


HIST 3720 Chinese Communism (GB) (HA-AS)

Monday and Wedensday: 2:55-4:10

Professor Victor Seow

The People’s Republic of China entered the twenty-first century as the world’s sole communist superpower. How did the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—which was made up of but a few dozen members at its founding in 1921—come to rule over China in 1949 and hold on to the reins of government since? This course considers the history of Chinese communism from its origins in the aftermath of the First World War up to the present. In following the CCP along its road to revolution and through its decades in power, we chart the ways in which Chinese communism shaped and shifted the dynamics between state and society in China’s tumultuous twentieth century. At the same time, we explore how Chinese communism as an ideological and institutional force influenced and was, in turn, influenced by various global currents and movements, from Cold War politics to radical agrarian insurgencies. This course will equip students to critically engage with questions of revolution, governance, and the place of China in the world today. No prior knowledge of Chinese culture, history, or language required.

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