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HIST 2390 Seminar in Iroquois History


HIST/AIS/AMST 2390 Seminar in Iroquois History (HB) (HA-AS)

Tuesday and Thursday: 1:25-2:40

Professor Jon Parmenter

This INTRODUCTORY seminar employs a discussion-oriented format to explore the history and culture of Iroquois people from ancient times, through their initial contacts with European settlers, to their present-day struggles and achievements under colonial circumstances in North America. Long described as one of the "most studied" of all human populations, this course will pay special attention to evaluating why the Iroquois have generated so much interest, and how scholars have conducted research on their history and culture. Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, students will be exposed to a variety of methodologies and approaches to reconstructing the Iroquois past. Readings, discussions, and written assignments will be drawn from a range of sources, with special emphasis on analysis of primary historical documents. In addition to these texts, we will read traditional Iroquois narratives, archaeological reports, ethnography, contemporary Iroquois texts, and explore online/digital resources.  OPEN to Freshmen and Sophomores!

4 CREDITS – also counts as follows:
→HA Credit in the Arts College; Arts and Humanities Elective in CALS
→Pre-1800 and Seminar Credit for the History Major
→Pre-1900 Credit for the American Studies Major
→Course Credit for the American Indian Studies Minor

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