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HIST 1750 Routes: Global Histories

October 19, 2016

HIST 1750 Routes: Global Histories (HA-AS) (non-US, pre-1800)

Tuesday and Thursday: 1:25-2:40

Professor Eric Tagliacozzo

This class focuses on trade in global history – arguably the single most important connective strand between people and societies over the course of human history.  Trade has expanded human horizons from earliest known times to the present, and has linked disparate cultures in a centuries-long embrace for several millennia.  Many of the things that we take for granted as being part and parcel of our day-to-day worlds are the result of these centuries of commerce, so much so that we see them now as “local” rather than hailing from distant shores.  This class will try to disentangle some of these long histories, from Antiquity to the present, and show how the world was brought together in a weave of trade routes over the passage of the centuries.  Our vantage will be resolutely global in studying these processes, crossing all continents and the "seven seas" in our wake.

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