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HIST 1575 History Goes to Hollywood


HIST 1575 History Goes to Hollywood (HA-AS)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 11:15-12:05

Professor Penny Von Eschen

From the inception of the film industry, depictions of historical events have captured the attention of screen writers, directors and not the least audiences; often making deep impressions on a particular generation’s common sense about events in the distant or recent past.   This class will examine some of the most influential historical films such as: A Foreign Affair, Spartacus, The Ten Commandments, Reds, Schindler’s List, Apocalypse Now, Argo, Black Hawk Down, JFK and Selma.  Films will be available on Blackboard through streaming.  We will spend approximately two weeks on each film, reading historical essays on the period depicted as well as film and cultural analysis.  Classes will combine lecture format for historical framing and context with elements of flipped classroom.  Films will be viewed outside the classroom and in class we will view clips and discuss them in tandem with the readings.

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