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Name Research Interests Email
Baugh, Daniel A. Modern English history, 1688-1918; political, social, economic, and European maritime 1600-1800.
Blumin, Stuart M. American social/cultural/demographic, American urban.
Caron, Vicki Modern European Jewish (esp. France and Germany).
Chen, Jian Chinese-American relations, Modern China, Cold War
Cochran, Sherman Modern China, social/economic/cultural.
Hyams, Paul Medieval, legal, political.
John, James J. Medieval intellectual history; historiography; universities; Latin paleography.
Kaplan, Steven France, 1500 to present; comparative European social;  culture and class; history of work; history and anthropology of food and eating. 
Kramnick, Isaac English and American political thought and history
Koschmann, J. Victor

Modern Japan; Japanese intellectual and cultural
LaCapra, Dominick Modern European intellectual and cultural.
LaFeber, Walter America, U.S. foreign policy 1750-present.
Moore, R. Laurence American intellectual, cultural, religious
Najemy, John Late Medieval and Renaissance history
Peterson, Charles Chinese history.
Polenberg, Richard Modern American political and social 1930-present.
Silbey, Joel H. President White Professor of History, Emeritus - American history; political behavior, especially in the nineteenth century; the Age of Jackson; the sectional controversy; Civil War and reconstruction, quantitative methods in history.
Tierney, Brian Bryce & Edith M. Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies, Emeritus - Medieval history.